Dimensional Fund Advisors

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Dimensional Fund Advisors are a leading global investment firm, with over $527 billion in assets under management. Dimensional have an enduring philosophy and apply a consistent, process-driven approach combining focused expertise with strong governance. Their Investment approach draws upon the work of renowned financial economists including, Kenneth French and Nobel laureates Eugene Fama and Robert Merton. These leading financial economists work closely with the Dimensional Portfolio Management, Trading, and Research teams, in addition to serving on Dimensional’s Investment Policy Committee.
Dimensional’s world allocation funds serve as a single, globally diversified investment solution that targets a stock-bond mix, or asset allocation, designed to maximise expected returns for a given level of risk. The funds aim to satisfy the asset allocation needs of a broad array of investors. Dimensional offers five world allocation funds that reflect progressively higher target allocations to equities relative to fixed income. The equity targets are 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%. Increased equity allocations point to higher expected returns and higher expected risk.

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