Vanguard Asset Management

Vanguard Asset Management



What makes Vanguard different?
Vanguard is a different kind of investment company. It was founded in the United States in 1975 on a simple but revolutionary idea: that an investment company should manage its funds solely in the interests of its clients.This is a philosophy that has helped millions of people around the world to achieve their goals with low-cost, uncomplicated investments.

Low-cost investing
Investors can’t control the markets, but they can control the costs of investing. Providing low-cost investments isn’t a pricing strategy for Vanguard. It’s how they do business. Vanguard’s scale also helps to keep costs low. As their assets under management increase globally, they can reduce expense ratios for investors in their funds.

Client focus
The ownership structure of The Vanguard Group aligns their interests with those of clients. Because Vanguard is not publicly traded, they can extend the benefits of that structure to clients. From rigorous risk management to transparent pricing to plain talk communications, they put clients’ interests first.

Everything Vanguard do is designed to give clients the best chance for investment success.


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