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Conexim are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Platform Capital Group of companies, an Irish financial services group which operates across all classes of investments, and exclusively provides services to other financial services firms.

Conexim was established in 2010 to provide a new and innovative platform and trading service for Trustees, Intermediaries and their clients to access funds, equities, ETFs and fixed income products at institutional rates.

Why do we provide a service for Retail Intermediaries at rates usually reserved for large institutions? Conexim believes that current industry pricing precludes Intermediaries and their clients from having the choice and access to markets they need to ensure their funds can be managed in a risk responsive manner.

Conexim has based its business around three core principles:

  • Pricing that is simple and transparent.
  • Independence in provider and product selection.
  • Tailored and effective risk management and advice.

Conexim works with Trustees and Intermediaries in ensuring that any services provided meet these core principles.

What does Conexim mean? Conexim is an abbreviation for Consilium Eximius

CONsilium – meaning: advice, suggestion, wisdom, plan, purpose, judgement. EXIMius – meaning: extraordinary, excellent, fine, superb