Advisor Resources

For advisors who work with Conexim we provide access to a number of Advisor Centric Tools.

The Fastrak Integrated Web Tool allows you to view all your clients, client accounts and overall assets on our Platform in both an aggregated and individual capacity. You can create ad hoc valuation reports and post them to your clients portal or generate a PDF copy. You can also see exactly what your clients see (via their own unique login).

Please click on the link below and log-in below with the credentials provided to you by Conexim

Please note that we have temporarily taken down the online Morningstar tools as we are in the process of replacing a number of licenced data sets and replacing them with the expanded data sets now becoming available under MiFID 2 for calculating ex-post and ex-ante calculators for your clients. If you require any specific information you were accessing from the Morningstar tools whilst they are offline, please contact us directly and we can provide you with the data you require from the offline applications.