Conexim is a member of the Great-West LifeCo Inc group of companies who are one of the world’s leading life assurance organisations.

Conexim, established in 2010, is a market leading open architecture Investment Platform, providing a range of investment solutions to the intermediary market and whose offering is available through Financial Advisors, Accountancy Firms and Pensioneer Trustees.

Conexim’s risk management, dealing, technical and platform administration services are provided in conjunction with Pershing Securities International Ltd. (‘Pershing’), who are one of the largest established custodians in the Irish market for domestic investors. The service and platform provided by Conexim and Pershing has been built according to international best practice and specifically adapted for the Irish market.

Conexim’s asset allocation options include a selection from over 9,500 Funds from leading international fund managers as well as direct equity investments, fixed income securities and exchange traded funds, from all international markets. Conexim also offer a range of independently constructed Investment Strategies built and managed by 3rd party best in class fund managers across active, passive, and evidence-based investment styles.

The company enjoys a reputation for being at the forefront of regulatory change, and capitalising on early-adopter changes in the financial services industry. With an increased focus on transparency in pricing we have designed an open and future-proofed charging infrastructure that puts the Advisor in control of their own income.

Conexim’s business is based around three core principles :

Clear and transparent pricing  Independence in provider and product selection  Remaining conflict of interest free