Investment Advice

Along with our Risk Based Asset Allocation Framework, Conexim has three main groupings for clients based on their expected level of ongoing participation in investment management:

  • Buy and Hold Clients, or “Passive” Clients who wish for a long term strategy to be laid out for them with little ongoing participation.
  • Active Clients, or “Participative” Clients who trade regularly (typically in equities or CFDs), who have an interest in the markets.
  • Mixed Clients, who wish for the majority of their portfolio to be in a buy and hold strategy, but want an allowance of 10%-20% of the portfolio to trade more actively (e.g. in equities which they have a particular interest in).

Whilst many intermediaries may be very comfortable in providing instrument specific investment advice to the more passive investor, Conexim can assist in providing ongoing and direct investment advice to clients looking to trade more frequently, which may or may not fit with the Intermediaries business model. If this is the case, Conexim discuss with the Client and the Intermediary how much direct support they require from Conexim.

Conexim utilises a number of information sources to formulate its own investment advice, including Bloomberg, Proquote, BestAdvice, Morningstar, Financial Express, Trustnet, Funds Library, as well as many institutional research reports from a variety of international and domestic managers. Where Conexim formulates investment advice for a client, it does so from a neutral base, and from a wide variety of sources. As we do not produce any investments for distribution ourselves, and as we do not trade off our own book, 100% of our investment advice is for the benefit of the client, with no potential for conflicts of interest, or for the firm to front-run with its own products or its own funds. We are entirely independent when it comes to investment selection.