Non-Pension Trustees

The Principals in Conexim have significant experience in dealing with non-pension trusts, such as Discretionary Trusts, Incapacitated Persons Trusts, Employee Benefit Trusts, Bare Trust Structures, Escrow Funds and Investment Syndicate Trusts. Conexim will never act as a Trustee in its own right, but does know what sort of service is required to service this market.

Conexim can also manage Head and Sub-Trust structures, and Trusts with multiple classes of beneficiaries. Where most investment firms will not have experience, and may struggle to understand the settlor, protector, legal owner and beneficiary structures in a Trust, Conexim has experience of most type of non-Pension structures and has comprehensive (but effective) take-on processes for AML and KYC requirements for such Trust structures.

Conexim can also provide an advisory service to Trustees (or directly to beneficiaries) whose clients are looking to engage in complex trading – such as utilising options, futures, CFDs and other derivatives, and such instruments are permitted within the Trust Deeds.

Crucially, Conexim does not require all assets to be held on-platform, and can accept valuations for non-platform investments and liabilities, including property, chattels, non-tradable assets, loans and income disbursements etc.

Conexim’s reporting system will allow the Trustee to receive valuations for all of these off-platform assets and retain reporting and portfolio valuation tools in one place. Conexim can also organise for a structured export of data in a number of formats to tie in with Trustee’s own internal account systems.