Portfolio Services

Investment platforms are becoming topical and can be very price competitive. However, one of the major issues is the potential for clients to buy ‘Execution-Only’ services when an advisory service is more appropriate.

Execution-Only services can provide a client with a lot of control, which in turn leads to a lot of exposure. It is our firm belief that Execution-Only accounts should only be utilised by people who have a significant amount of time to manage the research requirements, the risk, and the potential exposures in managing your own portfolio. It’s not just about making your own investment decisions, it’s also crucial to manage the post investment risk.

In particular, platforms which provide ‘pension wrappers’ can create significant exposure in this regard. Building up funds in a pension is a long and difficult process. We believe you should always have access to support in asset allocation, be it funds, bonds, cash deposits or individual equity selection, as well as support in managing and rebalancing your portfolio.

We can facilitate this support with your existing investment advisor (which is often a preference), or can provide direct support if you and your advisor and/or your Pensioneer Trustee consider it more appropriate.

With Conexim, there is no additional cost for Advisory Support Services over an Execution-Only service. We provide advisory and risk management support at the same price (or cheaper) that many platforms charge for execution-only services.