Retail Intermediaries

The operating model that Conexim is using has been rolled out extensively in the UK, Australia and America, and is vastly different from the “one sized fits all” and “execution-only” models that is the reality with some platforms.

With an increased focus on transparency in pricing for consumers we have designed an open and future-proofed charging infrastructure that puts the Advisor in control of their own income. We empower Advisors and Financial Planners to communicate and reinforce their values to their clients. We deliver cutting edge reporting capabilities and online access to advisors and their clients.

We provide services to personal & corporate client accounts introduced by Intermediaries, as well as to the following pre and post retirement structures:

  • Small Self Administered Schemes (‘SSAS’)
  • Self-Administered Personal Retirement Bond (‘Buy Out Bond’)
  • Approved Retirement Funds (‘ARFs’)
  • Self-Administered PRSAs